• Pavane (rock version) performed by Michele McGovern makeup by Patricia!

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  • Moonlight has been released and is a favorite among music festivals!

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  • Your skin is talking to you!


    Really? Your skin can talk?!!!?You bet!!!! What is it saying, you ask? Well, let me tell you! First, you must listen carefully, because it may be whispering; " Please, I am sooo thirsty!". Why? Well, because you drank coffee all day, because you were out late last night, had some wine,( you figured the antioxidants were healthy...) . Coffee has antioxidants too! Pat yourself on the back, right? Not so fast!!! In between those triple shot lattes, did you try some (drum roll please) .....water? Let's see.....how is your skin talking? Are the circles under your eyes dark? Puffy? Well, your body is hanging onto any water in your body for dear life! Are the little lines on your face more pronounced?Feel as though you are looking more like mom today? ( I can only wish!) Dehydration alert! Drink up baby!! No, not more booze and coffee! This will also make you more tired!!! If you want to glow, no product is going to work to hold water in, if there is none present. Water helps make you beautiful!!! Visit to read more ways your skin will nag you on my next blog!
    Till then- bottoms up!
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  • Welcome to The Cosmetic Ninja!


    Why and What is The Cosmetic Ninja? Well, I am The Cosmetic Ninja and hopefully you can become a ninja of your own face (after taking classes and watching my videos, of course).

    Ninjas are masters of disguise and camouflage. We all have things to disguise and camouflage; so here is where cosmetics come in. We want to look as beautiful, healthy, and glowing as possible. Not like we're wearing a thick coat of drywall mud on our face. Let's talk camouflage. Natural= Ninja, Drywall mud= NOT Ninja, .......unless you are trying to disguise yourself as a wall. That would be an exception.

    As a potential Ninja, you want to direct ones eye to the parts of your face that you want them to look at. Lips not your best feature? Look at MY EYES!!!! LOOK!!! UP HERE!!! Aren't I gorgeous?!!! Yes, you are.

    Ninjas are also skilled in the art of stealth, which means that they are imperceptible. Your "flaws" can be. Well, close.

    Ninjas, being a master of disguise, means having more than one disguise. Most of you are stuck with only one. Maybe two. Ninjas like variety. So lets work on that. You look good in more than one style of shoes. Guess what's more important. Your face.

    Fresh new seasonal looks= Ninja, stale, same-look-day-in-and-day-out = NOT Ninja (not to be confused with a signature look) This is why I offer private lessons and training videos. Private is always best. Any self respecting Ninja knows that.

    And last but not least, Ninjas are SMART!!!! They know when to call on a professional!!! Weddings, special evenings, and anyplace that your picture will be snapped.

    And that is why I am The Cosmetic Ninja.

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